Collection libre
3. January 2011

The unique sensation of feeling liberated while driving a beautiful car or the emotion of an intense excitement when taking off on an airplane has always made me realize what a good moment of freedom feels like.

This collection is inspired by the fancy status of experiencing freedom.

Legendary Air Planes, Hot-Air Balloons and American Dream Cars are colorful subject to this beautiful collection.


Color Forecast 2011

Blues and Purples from Hot-Air Balloons;
Brilliant blue, Blue Aster and Blue Iris

Reds and Oranges from American Dream Cars;
Red Nasturtium, Wilde Aster, Fiesta Red and Blazing Orange

Yellows and Greens from Flying Legends;
Primrose Yellow, Super Lemon, Gold Fusion and Golden Olive

In dedication to my dear father who passed away recently. May he rest in peace forever.